Special Education Services

To promote the philosophy of inclusive education:

  • ensure teachers, support staff and school administration are aware of the philosophy of inclusive education.
  • ensure that teachers, support staff and school administration are provided with appropriate tools, support and information to assist them in the inclusive class environment.

To ensure the Board’s referral process is followed with respect to recommendations for assessments by specialists:

  • ensure each school has a working Local Problem Solving Committee.
  • ensure that teachers and administration are following the Referral Process to refer students.
  • ensure that Individual Education Plans (IEP’s) are in place.

To provide essential services to students with special needs in all the schools:

  • arrange for appropriate assessment and evaluation of needs by professionals, following referrals from Local Problem Solving Committees.
  • ensure that schools provide any necessary equipment and/or materials to students who require them.
  • make recommendations to schools for students who require educators/careworkers.

To provide and offer assistance to the teachers, support staff and school administration, such as:

  • consultations.
  • follow-up to specialists’ visits and interventions.
  • observation checklists for easy observation.
  • workshops and training sessions.
  • alternative programming.
  • conferencing.
  • application of Local Problem Solving Committee.
  • implementation of Special Education Policy.

To ensure that parents/guardians are involved and informed of the process of referral, assessment and evaluation, and services to be provided for their child.

To promote a collaboration of services with the Cree Health Board, Cree Regional Authority (day care centres), and Social Services to best serve the students’ needs.

To promote awareness of the contribution those students with special needs can provide to their communities.

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