Cree Programs

The coordinator of Cree Programs:

  • Reports to the Director of Education Services.
  • Supervises staff in Cree programs.
  • Oversees the preparation, development and publication of learning materials for Cree Language and Cree Culture.
  • Oversees the activities in the development of the Eastern James Bay Cree Writing System, and all the related resources.
  • Oversees the maintenance and updates of the website housing the Cree Language resources (
  • Collaborates with Instructional Services by adapting guidelines for Cree Language and Cree Culture instruction.
  • Collaborates with the Professional Development department by providing resources and expertise for the Cree Literacy program and teacher training.
  • Collaborates with Student Services and Special Education by providing Cree Language expertise.
  • Conducts research to improve Cree Programs.

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