High-Pressure Welding

High Pressure Welding 2

Program Objectives

  • Perform tasks prerequisite to high-pressure welding
  • Understand the concepts and principles essential to the trade
  • Make use of information contained in drawings of pressure vessels
  • Apply the different processes used to weld pressure pipes
  • Apply the torch brazing process used on pressure pipes 
  • Weld and repair pressure vessels

General Information

  • Code: 5734
  • Diploma: AVS
  • Hours: 600

Targeted Trade

  • Welders and related machine operators (7237)

Admission Requirements

Applicant must meet the following criteria:

Persons who hold a DVS:
  • 5195 Soudage-montage
  • OR 1049 Soudage général
  • OR 5695 Welding and Fitting
  • OR 1549 General Welding
Have been granted recognition of equivalent learning.
Persons practising an occupation related to the program of study.