Bus Driving


Program Objectives

  • Drive a bus
  • Obtain a Class 2 driver's license

General Information

  • Code: 4218
  • Diploma: Skills Training Certificate (STC)
  • Hours: 330
  • Partner: CFT Charlebourg

Targeted Trade

  • Bus Drivers and Subway and Other Transit Operators (NOC 7412)
    The most important Essential Skills for this trade are:
    • Oral Communication
    • Thinking

Admission Requirements

Applicant must meet the following criteria:

Category 3

Must hold a diploma d’études secondaire (DES) in an occupation corresponding to the program of study selected, or must have been granted its recognized equivalent.
Must practice an occupation related to the program of study.


Must have 60 months of experience driving with a Class 5 driver’s licence
Must have 24 months of experience driving with a Class 5 driver’s license and be 25 years old
Must have a Class 3 driver’s license

Must have the credits to successfully complete Secondary 3 (Grade 11)
Must have the equivalent recognized by the Quebec Department of Education
Must have successfully completed a general development test (GDT)

Must have no more than three points on your driving record and must not have had your driver’s license revoked in the past two years

Must pass an SAAQ vision test and medical examination.

Functional prerequisites
Language of instruction Mathematics
Adult Youth Adult Youth