Office of the Director General

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Abraham Jolly
Director General



Educational success for youth and adults is largely dependent on how well we serve and support as a Cree School Board organization. The (3) three major focus areas targeted for success include: Youth education, Adult education, and Post-Secondary education. We continuously work to maintain a solid and effective organization through our departments, services, and schools. We move forward knowing we need to be focused on our purpose and mission as an organization. Our vision and foresight is “a well-educated Cree Nation”.


It has taken some time to see our Cree School Board entity evolve and grow over the years, but now is the opportune time to focus on our role and purpose within the Cree Nation, and that is to be a contributor in building human capacity for now and the future. The onus is on the Cree School Board to build a strong Cree education system that will allow our students to be successful academically, socially, emotionally and economically and to become successful contributors in our society in various capacities and competencies.

Director General Responsibilities

The Director General is responsible for the operations of the Cree School Board, and as such, implements the decisions of the Executive Committee and Council of Commissioners.

He is responsible for the implementation of the Council policies and for the implementation and monitoring of the Cree School Board Strategic Action Plan. He also leads the preparation of the Cree School Board Annual Report.

The Director General oversees the Deputy Director General (Pedagogical), the Deputy Director General (Operations), the Director of Finance & Administration, the Director of Human Resource Services, the Director of Information & Technologies, the Director of Material Resource Services, the Director of Post-Secondary Student Services, the Director of Adult Education Services, the Director of Communications and Community Relations, and the Secretary General.

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