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Sharing the love

Sharing the Love

School administrators are busy planning activities and organizing snacks to mark one of the most significant weeks of the year in our schools. 

Teacher Appreciation Week runs from February 3 to 9, 2019.

Director General Abraham Jolly joined Chairperson Sarah Pash to offer their thanks to teachers in the Board. 

There is no shortage of inspiring words to offer on the value of the work our teachers do with our students each and every day, said Pash. 

"You don't just show up, but you give us your best effort in the name of student success and our journey as a vibrant, growing Cree Nation," Jolly added.

Teacher Appreciation Week is an annual event that takes place, in Quebec, during the first week of February. It is intended as an opportunity for all of us, inside and outside the Cree School Board, to recognize the commitment of educators

Teacher Appreciation Week has been celebrated in schools since 1994.

The provincial theme chosen for this 25th edition is Thanks! 

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