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Fair season for careers

Fair Season for Careers

They approach our booth gently, unsure of where, in fact, the Cree School Board is located, and if, indeed, one has to speak French to work with us. The graduating teachers at the career fair are quickly assured that the Cree School Board is accessible by road (mostly) and that we are a trilingual board of education – so English, French, or Cree are acceptable.

Then they hear about our unique environment: the climate, the culture, the landscape, and the opportunities offered by the Cree School Board. Their eyes light up with the thought of adventure and meaningful work.

This is usually the way the interaction begins during Career Fair Season for the Cree School Board. This month alone, our principals, CEAs, and Human Resources staff will attend a dozen Education Career Fairs spanning three provinces.

“This is a busy season for our recruiters,” says Director of Human Resources Natalie Petawabano. “It’s also a season filled with excitement and potential. Each year, we approach the recruitment season with new ideas and new hope that our efforts will help us staff our schools with teachers well matched to live in our Cree communities.”

CSB Recruitment Poster En Jan2019 thumbRight in the middle of Career Fair Season is the Cree School Board’s own Recruitment Event. Now in its third year, this year’s CSB Recruitment Event will be held at the Delta Hotel in Downtown Montreal, 475 President-Kennedy Ave. on Tuesday and Wednesday February 12 and 13, from 3 to 8 p.m. each day.

It’s an opportunity for teachers or soon-to-be teachers to inquire about the Cree School Board, and also to apply to be interviewed on site, says Petawabano.

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