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CSB unveils stance on cannabis use


The Cree School Board Wednesday reiterated its renewed policy on a drug and alcohol-free workplace, in the wake of new laws permitting the recreational use of cannabis across the country.

"We know that each of our employees is committed to our goal of student success," said Director General Abraham Jolly; "we trust that you will treat this new legislation with deep thought and care, knowing the risks that our young people already face."

Jolly sent a memo to all students, staff and visitors on October 16, 2018, outlining the Board's stance on the new legislation, and encouraging all to familiarize themselves with the policy. 

Highlights of pdf the policy (157 KB)  [ pdf version française (154 KB) ] include:

It is prohibited for anyone to possess or consume cannabis in any Cree School Board schools, centres and buildings and on any of its grounds or premises, including the student residences.

Furthermore, the current codes of conduct and policies of the CSB forbid any individual to be under the influence of an intoxicant while in school or at work, and this includes being under the influence of cannabis.  Consequently, the CSB will apply any appropriate measures or sanctions if a student or employee is under the influence of cannabis or any other intoxicant in situations covered by a code.

Anyone with questions about the new legislation in reference to the Cree School Board should contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..