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Career Fair / Recruitment 2017

CSB Recrut Event 2017 03 thIn keeping with our commitment to a well-educated and successful Cree Nation through inspired teaching and valued learning, we organized a Career Fair on March 23-24, 2017 at the Delta Hotel in Montreal.

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The career fair was jointly organized and attended by Principals, Community Education Administrators (CEAs), school committee members, Human Resources, and representatives from Cree Programs, Special Education, and Instructional Services. Preliminary interviews were conducted on-site and candidates were provided with a wealth of information.

Recruitment 2017 img2Promoted through radio ads, social media, and referrals, the event saw a strong, encouraging turnout. We welcomed many enthusiastic candidates. Our aim was to present our northern community lifestyle, teaching opportunities, and our progressive and rewarding programming. We completed the two-day event with approximately 50 potential candidates!

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This Recruitment initiative allowed us to achieve superior visibility, strengthen our reputation, and attract numerous excited, qualified candidates. Thanks to all who participated!