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Regional General Assembly Highlights


The Cree School Board Regional Assembly held in Mistissini on November 8-9, 2016, was a great success. As a follow-up to this important meeting, we are pleased to share some key highlights.

For more information about the event, to watch the summary videos or to download the PDFs of the presentations, click here.

Cree School Board 2016-2021 Strategic Action Plan

RGA Live Stream

The Cree School Board is very pleased to announce the launch of the Cree School Board 2016-2021 Strategic Action Plan.

Our new Plan is titled: Our Journey Towards Student Success. Our 2016-2021 Strategic Action Plan provides us with a vision for future success, and a realistic “game plan” to move ahead with confidence over the next five years. The plan outlines four Strategic Themes the Cree School Board will focus on for the next five years.

  1. Educational Success
  2. Student, Parent and Community Engagement
  3. Qualified, Competent, and Engaged Staff
  4. Organizational Behaviour and Effectiveness

You can view the pdf 2016-2021 Strategic Plan report in PDF format here (7.90 MB) .

Release of the Cree School Board 2015-2016 Annual Report

Annual Report 2015 2016 screeshot th Annual Report 2015 2016 pdf thThe 2015-2016 Cree School Board Annual Report can now be enjoyed in an optimized easy-to-read format here. The full PDF version is also available for download and a link can be found in the same section. It is partially available in Cree, English, and French as usual.

The report is a record of our commitment to support student achievement in the youth, adult, and post-secondary sectors. It includes a summary of our main activities, student data, and financial highlights.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to each and every one of our partners in Cree education, for helping us to take another step in this journey towards building students who thrive and become successful contributors to Eeyou Istchee and beyond.

Kathleen J. Wootton, Chairperson
Abraham Jolly, Director General

New Adult Education Facility in Mistissini

News New Adult Education Facility in Mistissini

On November 25, 2016, representatives of the Government of Quebec, in partnership with the federal government, announced over $32 million for a new adult education facility as well as forty new housing units for school board employees.  The surprise announcement was made following the Aboriginal Youth Entrepreneurial Program (AYEP) launch presided by the Martin Family Initiative founder, the Right Honorable Paul Martin.  

Niwîchewâka / Niwîchâwâkan

Niwichewaka press conf

On November 2, 2016, the Cree School Board held a press conference to officially announce the launch of the Cree Syllabics Virtual Reality (CSVR) project and to introduce some of our programing, Mikwichiyam, the arts concentration program, AYEP, the Aboriginal Youth Entrepreneurship Program and Niikaan, the video game concentration program.