Mission, Vision and Values


Mission - “Our purpose”

To provide for life-long learning while instilling the Cree identity in partnership with our communities to allow each student to attain the qualifications and competencies to become a successful contributor to the Cree Nation and society at large.

Vision - “Our aspiration”

A well-educated and successful Cree Nation through inspired teaching and valued learning.

Organizational Values

  • Accountability - We are trustworthy and responsible for our actions and results
  • Excellence - We set the performance bar high and always seek to improve
  • Integrity - We do what is right for the Cree School Board while remaining true to our beliefs
  • Leadership - We have a clear vision of the organization’s strategy and help people grow for the greater good
  • Respect - We are different from one another but work well together
  • Teamwork - We need each other to succeed

Our students’ success is largely dependent on how well we operate as an organization.

By understanding how our mission, vision and organizational values are key to achieving success, employees share a common sense of purpose, a common aspiration for the future and are able to move ahead with confidence. Here is a short video where you can hear more about these three pillars from the Director General and the Director of Human Resources to all Cree School Board employees.