Walk With Us

Walk with Us

What is it like to Walk with Us?

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To better define the employee experience, we developed our Employee Value Proposition (EVP) with feedback and input from our employees.

An EVP is a reflection of the work culture and what motivates and engages employees to join and stay with the CSB. Our EVP statement - Walk with Us - represents us.


CSB employees were asked what inspired them to join and to stay here. Three key reasons emerged:

Inspired CSB Vision

The CSB Vision

Advance the Cree Nation through education

Our vision of student success is a top factor in joining the Cree School Board! Education and lifelong learning are viewed as crucial in the development of the Nation.

It nurtures our children, strengthens our community, and sustains our Cree language and culture.

Inspired Job Opportunity

Job Opportunity

Rewarding jobs in a vibrant Cree culture

Work in our community and experience a vibrant Cree culture, innovative and unique programming, career training and development, challenging work in meaningful, challenging and innovative job opportunities, and a wide range of resources. 

Inspired Environment


Community living, northern living, way of life

The environment is a key reason candidates join the CSB. The community living and natural surroundings mean an invigorating and peaceful way of life. Employees love the clean snow, the short commute, and our small, close-knit communities.