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Working Opportunities with the Cree School Board

Our dynamic work culture provides employees with the chance to contribute to the Cree School Board's Vision, to access meaningful job opportunities, and to experience a peaceful community environment.

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Elementary/Secondary Teachers click here

pdf CHI -3251 Education Consultant RTI, Special Education / Conseiller pédagogique ( 275 KB ) New Published
pdf CHI-3252 Counsellor in Reeducation / Conseiller en rééducation ( 255 KB ) New Published
pdf CHI-3250 Counsellor in Academic Training, JBES (Repl.)/ Conseiller en formation scolaire ( 273 KB ) New Published
pdf MIS-3249 Administrative Technician, School Ops. (Repl.)/ Technicien en administration ( 292 KB ) New Published
pdf WAS-3245 Student Life Animator, Waswanipi (Temp.)/ Animateur de vie étudiante ( 414 KB ) New Published
pdf MIS-3248 Project Manager, Material Resources / Chargé de projets ( 307 KB ) New Published
pdf MIS-3246 School Principal, VMS Elementary (Repl.)/ Directeur d'école ( 396 KB ) New Published
pdf CSB-3247 Teacher, Computer Graphics, Adult Ed./ Enseignant, graphisme ( 264 KB ) New Published
pdf CHI-3244 Education Consultant, Special Education / Conseiller pédagogique ( 343 KB ) Published
pdf CSB-3243 Teacher, Plastering, Adult Ed./ Enseignant, plâtrage ( 263 KB ) Published
pdf CSB-3231 Teachers / Enseignants, Adult Education 2018-2019 ( 254 KB ) Published
pdf CSB Teachers / Enseignants 2017-2018 ( 213 KB ) Published