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CSB Annual Report

The 2013-2014 Cree School Board Annual Report is out.CSB-Annual-Report-2013-2014

Download it here


Pre-K registrations

Parents, remember to register your 4 year old children for the next school year at your local school. You need the Birth Certificate from Quebec or the Statement of Live Birth – with the parents’ name from Ontario.


Our Mission, Vision and Organizational Values

The CSB is our place of work and our students’ success is largely dependent on how well we operate as an organization. In order to be the best school board we can be, we need to understand and embrace our organizational mission, vision and values. Putting all three of these pieces together will guide our decisions and our actions and allow us to answer the following simple questions: What do we stand for? Where are we headed? What standards of behaviour do we value?

By understanding how our mission, vision and organizational values are key to achieving success, employees share a common sense of purpose, a common aspiration for the future and are able to move ahead with confidence. Click here for a video where you can hear more about these three pillars from the Director General and the Director of Human Resources.



The office of Readapatation and Special Education of Waswanipi school is pleased to present their website for information’ exchange and professional development in order to improve behavior in our schools and communities. You can access and participate in our schools life from www.waswanipi.org


Ten Year Clause

Download the JBNQA Ten Year Clause CSB Chairperson Clarification


Contact List to Reach your CSB Department / Numéros de téléphone pour joindre vos départements

Note to employees. Attached is a document that you should keep close to you. It will give you a list of your primary access points to the Cree School Board info on your Payroll & Human Resources Departments.

Note aux employés. Ci-joint, un document, lequel nous vous proposons de conserver avec vous. Ce dernier vous donnera la liste des personnes ressources aux départements de la paie et des ressources humaines.

Download / Télécharger


In honor of teachers and Teacher Appreciation

Download the memorandum to all teachers and educators from Joe MacNeil, Deputy Director General